Insurance Coverage


 Proper  insurance coverage is a crucial factor to the safety and liabilities of  you the customer and the vehicle being driven. This page is a further  in-depth look at DD Service Insurance, how it works, what our coverage's  are, and why ours is the best in the industry.

Keywords in Insurance:

Primary Source or Secondary Source - This is with no doubt what  sets our insurance apart. Primary source insurance, which we have, means  that ours is the first source of insurance used in paying for damages  and injuries. Most DD companies claiming insurance have only secondary  source insurance. That means that after you flip the bill for everything  and run out of money, then the driving company's insurance provider  backs the remainder. This really means that secondary source insurance  really doesn't provide you with any up front coverages. Is this legal,  do companies really do this? Yes and Yes. The annual cost difference to  designated driving companies insurance premium's for the two types of  coverage sources is approximately 10 times. This is not an option that  most companies go for, but in our opinion, having the proper primary  source insurance coverage is essential. 

Non-Owned Auto Physical Damage Coverage - Did you know that with  most DD insurance policies that the vehicle being driven is NOT insured  at all? This type of coverage is not required in a General Liability  Policy, it's an option. And being almost 40% of the entire policy  premium, this is another detail that most DD companies don't pay for.  Physical Damage Coverage is certainly part of our policy.

Our insurance type and it's coverages:

Commercial Non-Owned Auto / Scheduled Driver Policy - Bonded by an A++XV rated carrier

$1,000,000 Primary Source - Bodily Injury and Property Damage combined single limit

$20,000 Primary Source - Non-Owned Auto Physical Damage (coverage on the vehicle being driven)