Driver's Bio Page



Winery Experience (9 years) - Hospitality and Sales, Production,  Education and Training, and Management at several large and small Sonoma  wineries. As well as 1 season in the Oregon wine country.

Certifications or Degrees - C.S.W. Certified Specialist of Wine from the Society of Wine Educators, Washington D.C.

Driving Experience (9 years, 1950+ tours)  - Wine Tour Driver in Napa and Sonoma 

In my own words - I am from California originally and moved to the wine  country 14 years ago. After personally discovering wine in the 90's, I  took a road trip to Napa Valley. After that I was determined to work in a  winery, and three months later I was living and working in the wine  country. Over the years I learned from hands-on experience in the wine  industry and furthered my education with advanced classes and self  study. But to me the most fun thing has been meeting people coming to  the wine country from all over the nation. And I enjoy driving people on  tours because it gives me a chance to share all the great things I've  found here over the last 14 years. I am looking forward to driving you  around the wine country!




Winery Experience (9 years) - Hospitality and Sales at several large and small boutique Sonoma County wineries

Driving Experience (8 years 1650+ tours) - As a designated driver and for a major tour company

Im my own words - I am originally  from Southern California, but once I moved to Sonoma Wine Country in  1997, I was hooked. My interest in wine began with personal enjoyment,  which led to a passion for every aspect of wine production. I started  working at my first winery in 2006 and have enjoyed being involved in  every aspect of the wine making process since. I have 5 years of wine  tourism experience under my belt and enjoy sharing my wine knowledge  with anyone interested. I'm a heirloom gardener and "foodie" as well,  and enjoy playing with wine and food pairings in my off time. I look  forward to catering a wine experience for each of my guests and sharing  some of the knowledge I've obtained over the years.