Wine Country DD's to drive your rental car

Wine Country DD's to drive your rental car


$45/hour*- (Saturday)  

 *6 hour minimum                                   TCP #32169       Since 2010 

 While  visiting Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries it's essential to have a  driver. We are a team of two drivers who are fully insured to drive your  rental vehicle as a designated driver while you taste wine at the  wineries. We meet you promptly at your hotel start location at the time  specified in your driver reservation, meet and greet you in the lobby,  then drive you around to the wineries in your rental or privately owned  vehicle. If you have an itinerary for the day, we are ready to drive you  there. And if you need suggestions, there is nothing we enjoy more than  to show you our favorite wineries and wines. Because not only are we  professional drivers, we are bring you almost two decades of winery  experience and knowledge to your tour to help you have the best  experience possible.

-INSURANCE-  Our insurance coverages are absolutely the best in the DD industry (see Insurance link at top of page)

-CUSTOMIZED TASTING EXPERIENCES- We can work with you on creating complete winery itineraries,  recommending what will best fit your preferences, and booking necessary  appointments.

-WINE EDUCATED DRIVERS- We  are both well versed in wine and the wine industry encompassing every  facet of Wine Production & Education/Hospitality/Sales. As well as  16 years combined as professional driver's in the wine country (see  Driver's link at top of page for bios)

-RATES- Competitive  pricing with a simple pricing structure. Besides any gratuity you may  include, all other taxes and CPUC fees are built into the hourly rates.  Rates are current through 2019.

-FREEDOM-  We have no set finishing times for your driver reservation. Feel free  to have us drive you to dinner or cocktails without the pressure of  having an established ending time. If you're having fun, no need to  stop!  

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